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British Horse Society Exam Changes

BHS Stage 1 - Call Calliaghstown Equestrian Centre to book your place Tel: 01 4588322

BHS Ride Out Safely Silver Challenge Awards - Call Calliaghstown Equestrian Centre to book your place. Tel: 01 4588322

BHS Ride Out Safely Silver Challenge Awards -Call Clonshire Equestrian Centre to book your place.  Tel: 061 396770

This is in place of Ride Safe Award.


Re: BHS Care Unit assessments:

The British Horse Society has developed an interim model of assessment for the Care units of our qualifications for Stages 1 to 3 at the moment, with Stage 4 to follow in the next few weeks in order to comply with current government health guidelines.

Candidates can now contact a BHS Approved Riding School with a view to doing an assessment, and the centre will organise an assessor. The candidate pays the assessment fee to the centre (or assessor). All assessments are held on a 1:1 basis, one candidate to one assessor.

Full details can be found using the link above.

In response to changes in the Euro:Pound exchange rate and to encourage candidates to book further in advance, any candidate who makes a booking for an assessment in Ireland at least 8 weeks in advance of the assessment date will be able to book in at the UK prices.
Please note that this does not apply to Ride Safe assessments as the UK and Ireland assessment prices are the same.

This means that the prices will be as follows:

Assessment Level Price up to 8 weeks in advance Price within 8 weeks of assessment date
Stage 1 Ride £115                              £140
Stage 1 Care £115                             £140
Stage 2 Care £115                             £140
Stage 2 Ride £165                             £190
Stage 2 Lunge £60                              £75
Stage 2 Teach £225                          £250
Stage 3 Care £150                           £165
Stage 3 Ride £210                            £250
Stage 3 Lunge £75                             £90
Stage 3 Teach £225                         £250
Stage 4 Care £225                           £275
Stage 4 Lunge £75                          £125
Stage 4 Ride £225                           £300
Stage 4 Coach £300                        £350
Stage 4 Management £175              £200

We hope that this will make our assessments more accessible to candidates in Ireland and make it easier for us to manage booking the correct number of assessors for each Irish assessment day.

Vicky Connolly
The British Horse Society

Abbey Park, Stareton, Kenilworth
Warwickshire CV8 2XZ
Telephone: 02476 840508
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