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Safeguarding 3 required by AIRE Riding Centres in 2023

The Safeguarding 3 Workshop provides information on the role of Designated Liaison Person (DLP) and how to fulfill  the requirements of that role.  The Children's First Act 2015 requires all organisations to provide a relevant service to meet certain requirements including but not limited to Risk Assessments, Child Safeguarding Statements, Safeguarding best practice, Vetting, Reporting of concerns etc.  Included within this legislation is the requirement to appoint a relevant person.   This is the Designated Liaison Person (DLP).

The Safeguarding 3 Workshop gives attendees the information required to meet the legal requirements of the Children’s First Act.   There is a legal requirement to appoint a relevant person and this Workshop helps the DLP to meet that requirement.

All AIRE Centres require a Designated Liaison Person (DLP).  Zoom courses are listed on this site, click on Courses at the top of the main page and scroll down to Safeguarding.