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AIRE Members receive Engergy Grant

AIRE Members received the amount of €65,000 in respect of the Energy Grant in June 2023.


Applications were invited from Approved AIRE Riding Centres in November 2022;  members were asked to submit details of Energy payments in 2021 & 2022 together with copy invoices to H.S.I.
The award payable was subject to providing vouching documentation (Electric Ireland/energy bills) evidencing the amounts claimed for.

Horse Sport Ireland contacted many centres individually regarding the application assisting with the process, subsequently the amount of €65,000 was paid out.   An unclaimed amount of circa €42,000 was returned to Sport Ireland.  Several members made an initial application however for various reasons did not follow through.  Members were given every chance by H.S.I. to submit paperwork.

AIRE was pleased to receive the Energy Grant and will email news of  further Grant Information, when available.