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TAMS III: Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme

TAMS:   Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme

What is available for Equine Farmers and how to apply for it.


Dates: & Venues (attend in person):

Tuesday 21st March                         Horse & Jockey Hotel, Co Tipperary at 8pm

Wednesday 22nd March                 Radisson Blu Hotel, Athlone, Westmeath at 8pm.


If you are unable to attend either of the above, there is an Irish Farmers Journal Webinar at 8pm on Wednesday 22nd March.

Part 1 will be dealing with TAMS III.  Register for free at


If you have any interest in applying for a grant for new arena/stabling/fencing you should attend one of these evenings.

The qualifying criteria, details of schemes and method of applying will be provided.