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Future of Forests - DAFM seeks public consultation.

DAFM has opened public consultation on future of forests in Ireland. Members of the public are now invited to take part in two significant forestry consultations by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM).

The first consultation is on the National Forestry Strategy (2023-2030) while the second is on the next Forestry Programme and includes the associated Strategic Environmental Assessment Report and Appropriate Assessment Natura Impact Statement.

The closing date for submissions is 29th November 2022, details on participation at -

The Forestry Programme 2023 – 2027 contains a series of 8 different interventions:

  1. Forest Creation
  2. Agroforestry
  3. Infrastructure and Technology investments
  4. Sustainable Forest Management
  5. Developing skills and empowering the Forest Sector for Sustainable Forest Management
  6. Open Forests: Social, Cultural and Heritage Forests
  7. Climate Resilient Reforestation
  8. Reconstitution

The Forest Strategy (2023-2030) is designed to provide an overarching framework that identifies the actions needed to implement the change required for Ireland’s forests.