Covid-19 Level 5 Restrictions from 26th April 2021

In consultation with Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine, Horse Sport Ireland will have the sole authority to
approve competition and training events which are applied for by a recognised affiliate body.

In brief, the approval system will comprise of the following;
• Formal application by the affiliate for the relevant events which has been verified and endorsed by the affiliate
in the first instance;
• Confirmation of relevant risk assessment completion and associated assessment in line with public health
• Confirmation of COVID Officer appointment and adherence of HSI COVID protocols revised edition November
2020, by affiliate body and the show organiser;
• Signed declaration by both affiliate & organiser that strict adherence to the COVID protocols;
• Acknowledgement that any departure from the COVID 19 Protocols will result in non-approval of the affiliate
application for that venue in subsequent applications;

Level 5 Elite, HP Professional events can run on consecutive days subject to strict control behind closed doors.
Level 5 competition events should only be attended
by Professionals/Producers and High Performance athletes (elite) who are operating within the Sport
Horse Industry. Definition: Professional/ Producer is an individual who derives a living from competing the
sport; is a member of the senior training HP squad within Horse Sport Ireland

- Amateurs/ non-professionals are not permitted to attend Level 5 Elite events. No amateur
competitions or classes will be permitted during Level 5.

- Youth activity - athletes who are (U18), i.e. athletes who have not achieved their 18th birthday are
NOT permitted to compete during Level 5. Athletes who have achieved their 18th birthday in 2021,
and who are Professionals/Producers and not in full time education, may compete subject to
providing verifiable evidence to Horse Sport Ireland.
- No youth competitions (U18) or classes will be permitted during Level 5.

- Affiliated training activities for amateurs & youths can resume.
- Amateur Athletes may undertake training only within their own county.
- Group training for amateur adult athletes extends to a maximum of two households in the group.
- Youth U18 activity extends to training only within their own county.
- Group training for U18 extends to maxiumum pods of 15 at any one time, subject to sufficient space
in training venue (outdoors only).
- One to one coaching is permitted.
- Indoor training limited to individual basis only.

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