Spring Clean and Polish the Performance on Monday 8th March

Spring Clean and Polish the Performance of your Equestrian Business with Pat Duffy, Monday 8th March at 7.30pm
Pat Duffy, MD, CEO Advisor, works closely with many business owners to improve profitability and achieve their personal vision of success. During this evening, Pat will cover the core basics of what we need to address to improve our businesses so we will go away with issues that are personal to our business. We will identify issues that need working on, to improve the performance of our business. As many of our businesses are either closed or working reduced hours at present, this is an ideal time to look at these issues and address them, ready to ramp up for when we open up again.

This event is on Monday 8th March at 7.30pm on Zoom, you can book on the following link. There are a limited number of spaces available so if you are unable to attend, please ensure to cancel your ticket in plenty of time so we can give your space to the next person on the waiting list. Thank you.



Get the Best out of Your Representative Association ~ Monday March 15th at 7.30pm with Linda Young from AIRE and Bernie Everard from Laois Chamber of Commerce
We are all members of associations and groups but don't make the best use of our membership and get the maximum benefit of our fees so I asked Linda Young from AIRE to come along and explain all that AIRE offers its members and much more. You can learn the benefits of being part of a national equestrian organisation and how AIRE supports its members and the questions to ask the governing body of your sector in the equestrian industry. This will help you know what to look for to get maximum benefit for your annual subscription and maximum exposure for your business.

We are also going to be joined by the CEO of the Laois Chamber of Commerce, Bernie Everard kindly agreed to talk about the benefits of being part of a business organisation such as networking, introductions, business profiling, speaking opportunities, lobbying, business awards, corporate events etc. Bernie will also cover what your Local Enterprise Office can help you with such as business programmes, grants, mentorships, training, funding etc. We will also share how to get involved in local community groups to drive awareness of your business and build your customer base. This is a super opportunity to put the groundwork in a refreshed marketing campaign on a budget, before the country opens up again.

The information that we will get from this evening can be adapted to whatever your governing body is, whatever sector of the equestrian industry you specialise in.

To book into this free evening, please click on the following link, usual request re cancellation if you cannot attend applies, due to limited numbers:

Expand Your Network with Sonia Moran ~ Monday April 5th 7.30pm
Would you like to learn the skills of Networking and how to explain about what you do and how to tell people about your business but in a non 'salesy' way? Then this evening is for you. Sonia Moran, a well-known master networker is the lady to teach you how to network. Full of energy and genuine interest in everyone and what they do, she is always listening and thinking about how she can help connect people, engage with them and leave a lasting impression so they remember what she does and think of her when they need her services. She will teach you how to do the exact same thing.

We will have an opportunity to perfect our own 60 second pitch and then break out into groups and pitch our businesses to each other so we will get the opportunity to meet other equestrian business owners.

Places are limited so book your spot now and usual cancellation policy applies. Book on the following link to reserve your spot:

I would like to say a huge thank you to our speakers who all give up their time to come along and speak on the evening but also prepare for the night, so thank you. We really appreciate it, so thank you Pat, Linda, Bernie and Sonia for your time.

Finally, if anyone has any news for social media or would like a profile etc, special offers etc put on social media etc, just send it on, thanks. I try to share what I see on social media but I'm certain I miss stuff or a whole load appears at once and I can't share everything in the one go so it needs to be spaced out so if you have any specific you want shared just email me or send via messanger and i'll share it.

Do please invite your colleagues to register for the events and I look forward to seeing you all at some if not all of the events. If you are already registered for any of the events, you do not need to re register. If you want to check are you register, you can do a search in your emails or pop me an email and I can check for you.


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