BHS Dates 2021


Due to the current lockdown being extended until 5 March at the earliest, we have unfortunately had to cancel the assessments which were due to have taken place in Calliaghstown during February and March.

The revised assessment schedule for Calliaghstown Equestrian Centre is as follows:

BHS Stage 3 TEACH 21/04/2021
BHS Stage 2 RIDE 21/04/2021
BHS Stage 2 TEACH 22/04/2021
BHS Stage 3 TEACH 23/04/2021
BHS Stage 3 RIDE 27/05/2021
BHS Stage 2 RIDE 27/05/2021
BHS Stage 2 Ride Leader 28/05/2021
BHS Stage 3 Trail Leader 28/05/2021

Brennanstown Riding School, Bray, Co Wicklow for 2021:-

BHS Stage 2 Ride, 8 April
BHS Stage 3 Ride, 8 April
BHS Stage 2 Teach, 9 April
BHS Stage 2 Ride, 23 June
BHS Stage 3 Ride, 23 June
BHS Stage 2 Teach, 24 June
BHS Stage 3 Teach, 25 June

Further dates will be added as they are confirmed.

Until 31 August 2021, Stage 1 Care and Ride and Stage 2, 3 and 4 Care and Lunge will be delivered directly by centres.

The Riding Out Safely Silver Challenge Award will continue to be delivered in place of BHS Ride Safe during this period.

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